The Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) is a successor to the Afghanistan Transit Trade Agreement (ATTA) signed in 1965 between Pakistan and Afghanistan to facilitate the transit of goods exported from and imported to Afghanistan using the Pakistani port of Karachi.

In 2010 agreement supersedes the 1965 Afghanistan Transit Trade Agreement, which granted Afghanistan the right to import duty-free goods through Pakistani seaports, mostly from Karachi.

Kinetic cargo services will continue to provide Transit services to customers as per both countries updated policies for by Road and by Air. We have experience of 20 years for the Afghan Transit trading service providing.

We provide bonded services with collaborations with Pakistan customs for the Inland transportation with tracking facility.
Currently we are providing air cargo services to Afghanistan Commercial Importers via our Dubai office through official airlines at Kabul airport and via Islamabad by Air/Sea to Jalal-abad dry port.

Geographically, Peshawar has much importance in Afghan Trade because of the distance, Culture, Language.
Travel from Peshawar to Torkham Border (Pakistan Afghanistan Border) through the famous Khyber pass, distance is about 53 Km.
Peshawar is located at the most advantageous location for Afghan Transit where Torkham Border is approachable to us and main Gateway to Afghanistan, also including CIS countries. Kinetic cargo service team is always ready and available to provide detailed information & structured a program with different transport possibilities that best suits for Importers/Exporters.