The different shipping container sizes are ideal for varying cargo types, sizes and weights. We’ve outlined some of these key differences below, however get in touch with our expert team for bespoke recommendations.

  • Dry Containers are used primarily for general purpose cargo
  • Open Top Containers are for over-height cargo and top loading
  • Flat Rack Containers are for heavy loads, oversized cargo, construction or building equipment and machinery.
  • Ventilated Containers are for cargo that requires ventilation, usually dry goods that can expire.
  • Refrigerated Containers suit temperature controlled goods.
  • High Cube Containers are for cargo larger than that will fit in the 40-Foot Standard Dry Container
  • Tank Containers are for foodstuffs, oils and chemicals.

All come in 20 and 40, and occasionally 45-Foot options, in the case of the High Cube Dry Container.